Hi-Fi Lonesome Sound System.

HI-FI: An electronic system for reproducing high-fidelity sound from radio or recordings.

HIGH LONESOME SOUND: This phrase was coined in 1963 by New Lost City Ramblers co-founder John Cohen, who used it to name a short film he made about Kentucky mountain music. The “high lonesome sound” quickly became a familiar catch-phrase used to describe the essence of bluegrass music.

SOUND SYSTEM: The sound system concept first became popular in the 1950s, in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. DJs would load up a truck with a generator, turntables, and huge speakers and set up street parties. In the beginning, the DJs played American rhythm and blues music, but as time progressed and more local music was created, the sound migrated to a local flavor.

Upcoming Shows

Mempho Music Festival, Shelby Farms Park – Memphis, Tennessee, October 6-7, 2017

Recent Experiences

The Basement East, Radiohead Tribute, Nashville, Tennessee, January 13th 2017

Widespread Panic VIP Cocktail Party, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, December 28th 2016, 5-6:30pm

Boulevard Bolt, Nashville, Tennessee, November 24th 2016

Peg Leg Porker Feever Launch Party, Peg Leg Porker, Nashville, Tennessee, November 20th 2016

ACME Feed & Seed Rooftop, Nashville, Tennessee, May 30th 8-11pm

Kelly’s Carribean Bar, Grille & Brewery, Key West, Florida, May 5th 9:30pm

Key West Songwriter’s Festival Kickoff Party, Ocean Key Sunset Pier, Key West Florida, May 4th 5-6pm.

The Basement East, Nashville, Tennessee, Friday, April 8th from 8-9pm.